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Need Assistance With A Domestic Violence Matter? We Can Help.

When dealing with family issues, emotions can run high, and one party may find themselves and their children in an unsafe situation and in need of protection. For this and other reasons, it should come as no surprise that family law attorneys are more than familiar with the protocols and legal procedures related to domestic violence.

At Simms Russell Law, PLLC, we have successfully represented many clients who were in need of Emergency Protective Orders and/or Domestic Violence Orders. We have also successfully represented individuals who have been wrongfully accused of an act of domestic violence. If you are in need of protection, or if someone has requested that an order of protection be entered against you, we can help.

Recognizing And Addressing Family Violence

Abuse can take many forms, so it’s important to understand how the law defines domestic violence. In Kentucky, domestic violence occurs between family members or unmarried couples. Because of the legal services we offer, most clients who contact us regarding a domestic violence matter are married, have children or both.

Domestic violence is not just limited to acts that cause physical injury. It also includes acts like stalking, sexual abuse, or putting someone in fear of violence, sex abuse or stalking. Although it is commonly believed that men are the perpetrators of violence and women are the victims (for heterosexual couples), this isn’t universally true. Either partner can be the abuser and either partner can be the victim. Domestic violence also occurs in same-sex relationships as well.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of domestic violence (based on the information above), please get to safety as quickly as possible, then call us for help with next steps.

What About False Accusations?

False accusations of domestic violence are much rarer than what is sometimes portrayed in the media. However, they do occur – often because one parent wants to gain an unfair advantage in a child custody ruling. If you’ve been falsely accused and are worried about what will happen in the divorce and custody proceedings, contact us to discuss your options. We will thoroughly investigate your spouse’s claims and work to demonstrate that they are fabricated.

Talk To Attorneys Who Listen And Care

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