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A Family Law Firm Focused On You And Your Needs

It’s important to find the right fit when choosing any attorney, but it is especially important in family law. Your divorce, custody matter or another family law issue is personal and sensitive, and you need to find an attorney you feel comfortable with.

Simms Russell Law, PLLC, is devoted entirely to family law, with varied personal styles that complement one another and offer something for everyone. We represent men and women clients in roughly equal measure, and we tailor our approach to what you and your case require.

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What It Means To Have Tailored Representation

The two firm partners, Allison and Rebecca, are a great team because they have contrasting styles that appeal to a broad range of clients. Whether you are looking for a collaborative approach to divorce with the possibility of mediation (Allison), or need an aggressive approach to counter a combative spouse (Rebecca), our firm has you covered.

No matter who we are representing, we always provide representation that is professional, ethical, efficient and effective.

Find The Right Attorney For You In A Free Consultation

Simms Russell Law, PLLC, is based in Louisville, and we serve clients throughout the surrounding areas of Kentucky. We are pleased to offer free initial consultations to help you get to know us and learn more about what we can do for you. To schedule yours, just give us a call at 502-362-2600 or send us an email.