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At Simms Russell Law, PLLC, we understand that child custody and parenting time are the most important aspects of any dissolution of marriage or legal separation matter and will work diligently to ensure that your legal rights, as well as the best interests of your children, are protected.

Custody And Parenting Time: A Basic Overview

In order to ensure stability for your family both during and after a divorce proceeding, it is vital to draft specific agreements with respect to custody and parenting time.

Most parents share joint custody of their children, which allows them to continue to work together to make important decisions on behalf of the children. Each parent will have input about issues such as the children’s health care, religion, education and extracurricular activities. In certain situations, one parent may not be an appropriate custodian, and it becomes necessary to ask that the other parent be awarded sole custody of the children. It is crucial to have an attorney experienced in children’s issues to represent you in either of these situations.

Oftentimes, the distinction between custody and parenting time is not well-understood, and it is important to understand the difference prior to negotiating an agreement with the other parent. You will need to negotiate both a regular and holiday parenting time schedule. Given each family’s individual needs, it is also often necessary to devise creative solutions to problems faced by divorcing parents. We can help you to craft a custody and visitation arrangement that will suit the unique needs of your family.

Representation In DNA Proceedings

Sometimes, custody disputes are not between two parents but between parents and the state. If you have a case pending in Dependency, Neglect and Abuse court (DNA), we have the skills and training to help. One of our attorneys, Allison Russel, is frequently appointed as guardian ad litem, and she also acts as a court-appointed advocate as friend of court for both parents and children in these cases. DNA proceedings are incredibly stressful for families, and we do all we can to guide you through them efficiently and successfully.

Helping Other Caregivers And Loved Ones

Kids often do best when they have a whole network of adults they love and spend time with, but divorce can disrupt these relationships. We have experience representing individuals who are not the biological parents of children, but may be entitled to visitation, including grandparents, guardians and other family members.

Paternity Litigation

In Kentucky, men who aren’t married to the mothers of their children at the time of birth do not automatically receive parental recognition or rights. You have to petition the court to establish paternity. It is fairly easy for women to name the father for purposes of child support, but establishing paternity requires more work for men in order to seek custody and parenting time. Our attorneys are ready to represent you in litigated paternity matters.

Child Support And Enforcement

Child support in Kentucky is determined based on a formula that includes factors such as each parent’s income and the number of children in need of support. Whether you are being asked to pay or will be receiving support, our family law attorneys will ensure that the court receives accurate information regarding income and financial needs to make sure that child support awards are both fair and sustainable.

If your spouse has been ordered to pay child support but is failing to make those payments, we can also help you enforce the order by petitioning the court to hold your co-parent in contempt.

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